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Xiaomi DUKA TDS Meter Water Quality Tester Pen

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Xiaomi DUKA TDS Meter Water Quality Tester Pen

Xiaomi DUKA TDS Water Quality Tester Pen Price in Bangladesh
Multi-function mode detection, water TDS value, temperature synchronous display, two units of °C/℉ switch freely, water purity at a glance.
The detection pen detects the TDS value of the water to identify the purity of the water, which can reflect the filtration capacity of the water purifier. The lower the TDS value, the fewer dissolved solids in the water and the purer the water.
  • Economy model that is ideal for end-users.
  • Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology.
  • Meters can be re-calibrated with a mini-screwdriver.
  • Fun, translucent blue housing that’s very strong and durable.
  • Hold Function: saves measurements for convenient reading and recording.
  • Auto-off function: the meter shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
  • Measurement Range : 0-9990 ppm. From 0-999 ppm, the resolution is in increments of 1ppm. From 1000 to 9990 ppm, the resolution is in increments of 10ppm, indicated by a blinking ‘x10’ image.
  • Display: large and easy-to-read LCD screen.
  • Factory Calibrated: our meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. Includes a TDS chart sticker on the back of the meter that explains TDS values.
Note: These is Xiaomi Eco-Chain products, so there is no Xiaomi logo on the products.

All Bangladesh (Pathao Courier):120.00TK

Dhaka City Corporation: 80TK.

All Bangladesh:120.00TK